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Mother Nature Landscaping is a full-service, award-winning group of landscape and irrigation contractors. Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Mother Nature has served residential and commercial properties within Central Indiana for 20 years.

Mother Nature’s dedicated and qualified craftsmen take pride in each and every step of the job beginning with a professional design consultation. Our landscape contractors will bring the design to life with beautiful hardscapes, including patios, walkways, retaining walls, decks, pavers, and garden structures; water features such as ponds and waterfalls; and the highest quality flowers, trees, and shrubs.

The irrigation specialists will make sure that all of your plants will remain healthy and vibrant. And our landscape maintenance staff will keep your entire landscape looking its best.

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Mother Nature Landscaping Teams

For 20 years, our teams have provided complete service landscaping services that include; hardscapes, landscape installation and maintenance, irrigation, water features and more. Working closely with our designers, our landscape contractors will bring your design to life with beautiful hardscapes, such as, patios, walkways, retaining walls, and garden structures; water features, such as ponds and waterfalls; and the highest quality flowers, trees and shrubs. The irrigation specialists will ensure that all your plantings remain healthy and vibrant. And our landscape maintenance staff will keep your entire landscape looking its best. Our teams have the passion and expertise to transform any design or idea into reality.
Shawn Eurton
Co-owner/ Landscape Division | 812-929-1658 |

With over 25 years experience in the landscape industry, Shawn has grown our company into one of Bloomington's premier companies. Shawn currently oversees operations for both Mother Nature and Bloomington Valley Nursery. He attended Ball State University and earned his Bachelor Degree from Indiana University in 1995 with a focus in criminal justice. Serving as a parole officer for a few years, Shawn decided to start a small landscape company on the side. After years of hard work and slow growth, that small side company flourished into the Mother Nature you see today. Shawn and his wife Kara grew-up in New Albany, Indiana but it wasn't until college that they would meet. Upon graduation from Indiana University, they decided to remain as permanent residents in the growing Bloomington community. They are the proud parents of three beautiful girls, Kaylee, Riley, and Kendall, 2 horses, 3 dogs and a pair of donkeys. Their eldest daughter, Kaylee, currently studies optometry at Indiana University. Their middle daughter recently graduated from I.U. with a degree in elementary education. Finally, their youngest daughter Kendall is a student at the local highschool. As a family, they enjoy traveling, boating on Lake Monroe, snowboarding, and going to I.U. athletic events and gardening at their home. A perfect day for the family is one spent together outdoors.
Seth Inman
Owner / Plant Health Care Division | 812-361-7124 |

You might recognize Seth, as he has been a part of the Hoosier community his entire life. He and his wife Laura are both graduates of Edgewood High School. In 1996, Seth completed his trade school education with a degree in Forestry and Landscape. After working alongside Shawn at Mother for several years, Seth eventually decided to start his own company with a focus on Plant Health and Tree care. He is a certified arborist specializing in tree preservation. Finding much success on his own, Seth currently runs our former sister company Trees PLE. It is now under the Mother Nature Umbrella. His unique experience has allowed him to combine knowledge and skills in horticulture, landscape, hardscape, nursery and the arbor care fields. Seth also serves as one of our key innovators at Mother Nature and strives to become a trailblazer in the industry. He has donated, designed and installed the landscape for the Tibetan Multicultural Center where the Dalai Lama resides during his visits. Much of Seth's personal time is spent outdoors with the family on day hikes, taking in the local eats, and enjoying all of the other wonderful diversities that make up Bloomington, and of course maintaining his own landscape.
Laura Inman
Owner / Head of Administration | 812-339-5296

If you were to ask any employee at Mother Nature to describe Laura in one word you'd get the same answer every time; Backbone. To say she does it all would be an understatement. For the last 11 years Laura has worked tirelessly at being a Mom, Wife, office administration head and has recently taken on the title of Owner. How does she do it you ask? If you ask us, she's superwoman. If you ask her, she would say it was the years of customer care and managerial roles she took on in many different fields including service, dental and the restaurant industry. Laura currently handles just about everything on the administrative side at Mother Nature. She has been married to her husband Seth for 23 years and counting. She grew up in Ellettsville, Indiana and graduated from the local High School, Edgewood. It's still up for discussion on if it was fate or luck, but due to a stipulation in Laura’s trade school classroom, she and Seth were forced to merge classes. Through this, they would go on “Nature Walks”, and according to Laura, "Seth would lead the pack while I was bored in the back". It wasn’t until later that they connected through mutual friends. Laura graduated said trade school in 1997 with a primary focus in Health Care occupation. As life often does, Laura was thrown a curve ball and found herself playing the role of full time mom. Their oldest daughter Bella is graduating Bloomington South and plans on staying a Hoosier as she heads to Indiana University next fall. Their son Lucas, also attends Bloomington High School South. You will most likely find the Inmans under the Friday Night Lights watching Lucas play baseball for his local Panthers. If not, you can find Laura baking delicious treats in the kitchen while reminiscing about some of her favorite concert experiences she's had including Elton John, Reba McEntire, and Garth Brooks….. Twice.
Chad Westrick | 812-340-3868 | 812-339-5296

A hoosier through and through, Chad has lived in Indiana his entire life. He is from Auburn, IN and moved to Bloomington in 2001 to attend Indiana University. He received a Bachelor of Science with a focus on post-secondary education. Chad came to Mother Nature in 2004, he was searching for a summer job while completing his undergrad program at IU where Shawn happened to be the only one to return his phone call. Fast forward 19 years later to today and you’d find Chad as a crucial part of the Mother Nature team serving as Co-owner and the head of our hardscape division. His dedication to the craft and years of hard work have helped him earn his titles. He is also a Belgard Authorized Contractor as well as an Interlocking Concrete Paver Installer, recognized by the state of Indiana. When Chad is away from Mother Nature you can find him gardening, growing his own food, and practicing other sustainable practices. He looks forward to his annual week-long camping trip in Michigan near Lake Superior with his wife and 3 boys. Chad met his wife, Morgan, on his first day of IU at Wright Dorm quad, where she was his boss; that title still holds true to this day. Chad and Morgan’s 3 boys are all under the age of 9 and attend the local schools. As a family they enjoy going to parks, Winslow baseball, Cutters soccer and spending time with their two dogs, Hank and Marley.
Todd Kearney
Favorite Plant: Hack Berry Tree

Primary Division: Plant Health Care

Year Started at Mother Nature: 2023

We would like to introduce our employee spotlight: Todd Kearney, ISA Certified Arborist. This will be his 1st official year as part of the Mother Nature team. Prior to Mother Nature, Todd was in the tree industry as a climber. Todd spends most of his time at Mother Nature as a tree specialist for our Plant Health Care crew. His favorite part of working in the Plant Health Care division is being able to help restore tree’s in need to their original beauty. When he is not working, Todd is spending time in the great outdoors. He enjoys camping and taking hikes with his dogs. We appreciate all of our employees and think it’s important to show them off. If you see Todd, don’t be afraid to go talk to him about some of his favorite projects!
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Bloomington Valley Nursery Team

Our teams at BVN have years of experience in providing you with your plant installation needs. Our staff can show you the best location on your site to plant certain species and then take the time to plant the species at the correct depth while providing all the necessary soil amendments and planting accessories to help your plants flourish in their new home. The teams also have the horticultural knowledge to answer any questions you may have regarding the care and maintenance for your new landscape. Not interested in maintaining it yourself? Simply let us know that you would like to be put on a maintenance schedule and we can keep your landscape looking great for you.

Garden Center and Nursery Staff

Our Garden Center and Nursery Staff have a combined 100 years of experience in growing and maintaining Nursery Stock. Our perennial specialists will help you in deciding what plants will suite your needs based on color, sun/shade requirements, aroma and how much maintenance you desire to put into your garden. Our Nursery Staff can answer all of your questions regarding tree and shrub selection as well as provide you with planting and care instructions. Take a stroll through our Garden Center where our Manager can provide you with all of the garden essentials to keep your landscape flourishing throughout the year.

Serving Indiana

Our Service Areas

Mother Nature Landscaping is proud to provide its services to various areas across the state of Indiana. To see which areas we operate in, hover over the icons on the state maps. Remember to contact us if you’d like more information about our work!

Indiana Service area map
Monroe County
Greene County
Lawrence County
Bartholomew County
Jackson County
Morgan County
Owen County

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