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Insects and Disease

Our licensed applicators are specialists in identifying and remediating pests and pathogens. We understand the benefit and role of native insects versus the destruction caused by exotic/ invasive bugs. We are experienced with solutions for dealing with fungal and bacterial diseases. We diagnose conditions and prescribe treatment plans to save our precious resource, plants.

Diagram of tree with diseases
Tree next to drilling equipment
Tree with exposed soil and roots
Trees with exposed soil

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Soil Health

A major component of plant health is in the soil. Microbes, fungi, compaction, texture, and soil type are all daily talking points for our PHC Teams. The health of the soil rhizosphere is imperative to plant health. With our patented equipment and proprietary organic products, we can repair, condition, improve and support soil. Even our stubborn clay!

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With 2 ISA Certified Arborists on staff, one Qualified as a Tree Risk Assessor, we can give expert advice and service. We provide ornamental pruning, cabling and bracing, risk assessment and long term tree care plans. We are tree preservation experts who are fluent in the industry standards and best practices. Don’t worry about your trees, we’ll hug them for you!
arborist standing next to tree before climbing
arborist cutting down small tree
Large tree
Custom outdoor living space

Division and service

PHC (Plant Health Care)

PHC (Plant Health Care) is a division of Mother Nature, but also a service. We deliver our organic soil, foliage protectants, and stimulants to all of our newly installed plants in landscape projects. We can apply them to existing landscapes as well. This service scouts forpressure and damage from abiotic and biotic conditions, and we help culture a natural balance in our urban environment. We are happy to consult with you on how to be a successful steward of your trees and landscape.