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Walkway & Patio Installation

A patio is the transitional space that connects the indoor and outdoor areas of a home. With endless amounts of customization, they can transform your backyard living area or pool into a one of a kind space. Similarly, walkways are an essential installation in most landscapes. Walkway and patio installations in your garden or yard allow you to reach the different spaces without walking over the lawn and flower beds. In many instances, they may also lead off from the driveway, deck or patio, into the other outdoor spaces.

For most of our projects, we use a variety of different pavers that you can choose from. Some of our most popular selections include natural stone, brick, or concrete. These interlocking units are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and we can create stunning patterns with these, to create a unique look on your property. Check out our portfolio page to see the different patios & walkways we have built around pools, fireplaces, and in custom backyard spaces.

Custom installed patio
Custom installed patio and walkway