Serene additions

Water Features

Whether it be the start of a new landscape design or an add-on to an existing landscape, a water feature is a great option for those looking to uniquely elevate their space. The minute you add a fountain or waterfall or even a pond or stream to the landscape, it creates a very serene and elegant ambience in the space.
Custom rocky waterfall
custom pond with rock wall
These could be made of concrete or natural stone and can be built either in a formal or casual design based on the architectural elements of your home and the styling of the rest of the features in the landscaping.
Installing a stone fountain to your landscape can change the entire look of the outdoor space. The rest of the features there can be centered on the fountain and in most cases; it becomes the focal point of the landscaping. If you have a more spread-out garden space, you may want to consider adding another fountain to your garden and creating a small segregated area with seating around it.
Ponds and Streams
You can add aquatic plants and fish to the water and have underwater lighting in it; this adds a very ethereal look to the installation. The streams that we build will be planned based on the layout of your yard or garden and it can be lined with river rock and lava rock of different colors.

You can discuss your water feature project details with the specialists at Mother Nature Landscaping and we will provide solutions at very reasonable water feature installation costs.
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